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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  October 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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took his own life. investigators say police are still going through the school room by room making sure it's safe. parents have been rushing to the school trying to find their children. >> just freaking out. i did 100 miles on the freeway to get here. i was way up north. yeah, i have two children. i have a son and a daughter. my son, he had actually called me right after it happened. dad, please come get me, please come get me. [no audio] -- >> we have much more available on clearly her mic not working at the moment. back at home a catholic priest who served in nearly a dozen different assignments across the philadelphia archdiocese now facing charges of child pornography. this is 55-year-old mark haynes. prosecutors say he oven posed
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online as a 16-year-old girl to obtain explicit images. vernon odom live now in westtown township with the very latest on this arrest today. vernon? >> he posed as a 16-year-old girl allegedly and a 14 year old. another pedophile scandal involving a veteran pennsylvania priest. he has been working here at saints simon and jude parish since last year and now tossed off the campus in the wake of the arrest. tonight this man, mark haynes age 55 a catholic priest almost 30 years in prison unable to make bail. he faces and kiddie porn. they traced him to this address. posing as a young girl on instagram to sent and receive kiddie porn. >> we say if you are engaged in
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child pornography you will be arrested, shamed and going to jail. >> an undercover operation revealed haynes set up an inexti inexti instagram account. assigned to eight different parishes here since or tained. >> and inat that -- instagram allows you to put it out there. and we are studying to see who he might have had contact with. >> the statement reads in part -- these charges are serious and discuturbing -- >> horrified. i would never expect it. >> the chester county d.a. is
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asking anyone in the public to call his office if they have information on or evidence as to whether mark haynes physically abuse add child over the course of his career as a catholic priest. live in westtown. >> thank you. haynes worked in eight parishes through his 30-year career in the archdiocese. in addition to saints simon and jude in westchester also st. anne's in phoenixville. and montgomery county he served at st. john of the cross in roseland. delaware county including st. pieous, our lady of perpetual health. and serving in doylestown and south hafmpton. he also worked at the office of youth and young adults at the
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metropolitan tribunal. the coverage of the priest's arrest wins on you will see a full list of the parishes where he works and the probable cause statement and the complete statement from the archdiocese on this case right there, right now at a she -- three-alarm blaze kept them busy today on the avalon court. the fire ripped through the roof. not clear how many units were damaged but they say a few firefighters had to be treated at the scene for minor injuries. the cause remains under investigation. the first nurse diagnosed with ebola spoke out after cleared from the deadly disease. the health officials are retracting the steps of the doctor diagnosed with ebola in
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new york city. we have the latest. >> today the new york officials are trying to calm fears as the city's first ebola patient battles in this hospital. >> no cause for alarm. you need to understand the situation is handled and handled well. >> craig spencer put in isolation after coming down with a fever nearly a week after he returned from working with doctors without borders in new guinea. the days before he was diagnosed he went to a bowling area, road in the subway and ate in a restaurant. he was tired but showed no ebola symptoms, which experts stress he was not contagious. and they are demonstrating the confidence riding the subway today health officials checking each place as a precaution. >> there is no risk of ebola here. >> his apartment decontaminated by hazmat, the same done in
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dallas where nurses recovered. and nina pham hugging president obama in the oval office. >> i join you in prayer for the recovery of others including my family and friend. >> and dr. spencer's fiancee is quaranined. >> of and the former mob boss going back to prison after hours of testimony in center city. siding with prosecutors saying he violated a patrol associating with a fellow conflict. and he was out on supervised release before he reports back to jail for four more months. a man wanted for murder and
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rape back in pennsylvania after fleeing the state. chad marshall wilcox stabbed a man to death and they tracked his move thes to kentucky. and he turned himself in in north carolina on a separate warrant for allegedly raping a child. and he was extradited on that charge and arraigned today. a chase and police-involved shooting after one man killed in easton overnight. the gunfire erupted on north 13th street in easton. witnesses reported hearing about eight to ten shots after richie silverman slammed his truck into a pole. an autopsy is conducted to see if he died during the crash or police shooting. an overturned track with traffic headaches this morning.
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chopper six over street road and the 413 exits in bristol around 5:00 a.m. a car involved in the crash also flipped. no word on any injuries, only one lane of track was getting by as police investigated. as you stepped outside today you were pretty lucky. a stunning day out there. >> it is. it is crisp, clean, we like this weather. meteorologist adam joseph outside taking it all in. lucky you. >> yeah, a positive change over the last couple of days with the clouds and showers and chilly winds. the sun is back in control. look at the jump in temperature over the last 24 hours. it's 12 degrees warmer this afternoon in philadelphia than yesterday. 14 degrees warmer in allentown. 15 warmer in trenton. and at the shore between 12 and 14 degrees higher. in fact, we look at the actual numbers, yesterday's high was 57 degrees. what a rapid rebound today. 69. on the flip side of the normal, the north side the normal should only be 64 degrees this time of
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year. satellite and radar, new england seeing some showers and clouds with the low spinning to the east. you can see high clouds working from the south and west, no precipitation with that. so if you have a date this evening or going out on the town on a friday, temperatures will be in the lower 60s around 7:00, 59. by about 8:00 in the upper 50s through 10:00 tonight with a mixture of stars and clouds. when i come back, we'll talk about a huge jump in temperature next week and g give you a preview of what halloween can be like. there are millions of reasons to forget the odds and pay the lottery today. what we saw people doing in wilmington. buying tickets for the megamillions jackpot $224 million ahead of tonight's drawing. the cash option about $137 million. not bad. no one has matched all of the winning numbers since august. you can see the drawing tonight on 6abc during "action news" at
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11:00. >> good luck. coming up next on "action news at 4:00," the soldier killed in canada honored making his way to his final resting place. a berks county family wants to save the newest member of the family but costly surgery.
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>> the body of the canadian shoulder gunned down as he stood guard this week given a hero's welcome in his hometown today. he is courting nathan cirillo into hamilton, ontario. he was shot and killed by this man. after he shot cirillo, he ran into canada's part of the building and fired several shots before he was shot and killed by a sergeant at arms.
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that man, kevin vicars saved several lives. the closing numbers, all green arrows. stocks advance putting the market on track for the best week in quite some time. after a really rough couple of days. the sears at the king of prussia mall not the only ones closing its doors. it plans to close 116 sears and kmart locations across the country including stories in pennsylvania, new jersey, and 20 other states. earlier this week "action news" told you that the kop site which shutdown operations over the next 12 to 18 months and the closer will result in about 6100 layoffs. a five-year construction project added to the stress on the new jersey turnpike finally wrapping up. cutting the ribbon in cranberry
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township. working between interchange 6 in burlington county and 9 in new brunswick since 2009. it expands the turnpike from six to 12 lanes to help the bottleneck traffic. the project came in $200 million below budget. and i personally spend many hours in that traffic, it is good to know it is going good. >> and below budget a good thing. and to our resident bott bottleneck experts. >> matt pellman in the traffic center. >> travel time a little more than what we budget for normally on 95. mr. bottleneck has had news for you along 95. the northbound side acrash approaching the blue route 476. a still associated with the accident and penndot on the scene and they are trying to clean up the fluid and sand they had to put down. the right lane blocked north 95
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approaching 476. just two left lanes getting by, that does not bode well. 37 minutes when it ideally sub 8 minutes. problems on 95 del c.e. c.e.o. -- delco. and taking ouflt the left lane, and southbound there is a crash taking out the left lane and delays there as well towards the girard point bridge. and springfield township, bucks county, a towned tree this afternoon closing 212, church road near california road. stick with richland town park or bethlehem road to get around it. and the commuter report, one much our friends talking about heavy traffic along 202 in that neck of the woods. more bottlenecks coming your
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way. a family going to partways with a surprise possession to save the newly-adopt the puppy and hope you may help as well. 13 week polled dolly has what deformed leg. she was adopted at the octoberfest adoption event. it turns out dolly has a more serious concern than the leg, a genetic heart condition. life-saving condition can cost as much as $6,000. and the family hoping to sell this. but frank reagan ready to sell his mustang gt to cover the cost. >> it was a gift i bought for valorie. a car she dreamed of all of time. it is a dream car but dolly is worth more than the car. >> the family set up a fundraising page at and are hosting a yard sale tomorrow. anyone who comes gets to see dolly dressed up in her halloween costume.
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it was supposed to be a night of celebration and fun for students at central bucks west. the school's annual homecoming game against the arch rival central bucks east was set for tonight. but now that football field will be empty. anchor monica malpass in the news room with more. monica? >> that's right. the lights will be dark for friday nights lights at central bucks west because of the allegations of hazing among football players. not just tonight, the football season is now canceled and the coaches have even been suspended. we talk to students who same that it feels like a slap in the face to those of them who had nothing to do with the alleged incident. live at the school tonight, we have the latest for you tonight at 5:00. plus, nearly 8 million cars with faulty air bags are being recalled, but there are not enough new air bags to replace them. and a situation is actually changing the way that people drive. it has lawmakers, some of them, calling for change. we have those stories and more on actions 5:-- "action news" a
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>> as you said, a beautiful day out there. we think it is just a taste of what is to come for the weekend. >> we hope so. we go to adam joseph for all the details. >> i think we enjoyed enough the last 48 hours that we can grasp on to some of the sunshine and hold on to it. we will through the weekend looking in center city, a lot of sun today, but notice high clouds moving in from the south and west. so no precipitation coming out of them. speaking of the northwest, a live look in northwestern chester county. some cloud cover moving in from the west, but i want to you take a notice of the golden color of
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the foilage. and check out your local colors. and 68 in allentown and trenton, on the verge 70 in philadelphia. and the wind off the land temperatures equally warm at the shore, 66 to 67. satellite and radar, the low that plagued us the last couple of days, you see it spinning outing of halifax. it has not moved much. wednesday here two days ago, and only there. only a few hundred miles it moved. seeing clouds break away from the ohio valley passing through this evening, but amounting to any sort of rainfall. for your high school football games this evening and 6abc's game of the week, partly cloudy, breezy, 63 degrees for the start of the game. around 10:00 temperatures around 59. you need a light jacket.
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futuretracker tomorrow morning clean slate. not much going on. cloud cover, and notice how quiet it is in the afternoon. clouds are far to the north, and a breath-taking start to the weekend. temperatures tomorrow at 5:00 in the upper 60s, similar to what we experienced today. the overnight lows, 39 in allentown it does drop a bit. 41 in millville as winds relax under a mostly clear sky after this evening clouds continue to pass on. and the 4day at four most reply sunny on saturday. 68 degrees. a cold front moves through saturday night and the winds pick up behind it on sunday and drop the temperature a few degrees to around 64. seasonable on monday. 64 degrees. and into tuesday, much warmer, temperatures jumping to 72 degrees with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. and the forecast and how long the 70s last into the next half hour. >> halloween mode. >> a preview of the halloween forecast. but it won't be that dark.
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>> thank you. students and teachers get to the classroom and check out surroundings and in bensalem today. this is the belmont hills elementary walk for juvenile diabetes. and they are hoping to surpass last year's fundraising of $3800 m. and "the buzz" is next. >> so the queen has entered the social media world. >> it happened? >> her
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>> time for "the buzz." is honey boo-boo honey bye-bye. after a report, claiming that mama, june, is dating a child molester who served time for an inappropriate relationship with one of shannon's 8-year-old relatives. and her daughter came to their
4:26 pm
defense saying it is not true and mama on facebook denying it as well. shakira going into the baby toy business. launching a line of baby toys including a bouncer place music. and the first line in november and all of the proceeds benefit shakira's children's charity. love that aspect of it. finally, all hail the tweeting queen. queen elizabeth entered social media sending out her first tweet. there she is tweeting with her 140 characters the twitter handle british monarchy. and opening today at the science museum and signing it elizabeth r. the "r" stands for regina which
4:27 pm
is latin for queen. tweet the queen and she may get back to you. >> pretty sweet, thank you. still ahead today from pizza to pasta. alicia on a tasty tour of south philadelphia's new dining scene. a philadelphia player shares his crisis of ebola hitting africa. and how he wants to kick eastbound observe in the butt. and setting out to prove man's best friend gets better with age.
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>> it is 4:30 and we continue on this "freebie friday," deals for reading and trick or treating. and going to the scary houses for big candy bars, but is it right that one nasty letter to a columnist that thinks kids be in their own neighborhoods. and a purse snatcher into a crybaby in a second. breaking news out of washington state where at least two students are dead after a school shooting at marysville-pilchuck high school, 30 miles north of seattle.
4:30 pm
police say just before 11:00 this morning their local time a student opened fire in a school cafeteria. our sister station in seattle says the gunman killed one student and critically injured four others before turning his weapon himself. investigators now say they have no motive at this time. the shooter's name is not being released right now. first we invite you to stay with 6abc and abc news for any and all new developments, the school shooting in washington states. we continue to bring you the latest on the shootings onair and online at turning now to an encouraging update on ebola in america. this afternoon nina pham, the first person to be infected on u.s. soil released from the hospital. >> throughout this ordeal i put my trust in god and my medical team. i am on my way back to recovery, even as i reflect on how many others have not been so fortunate. >> a few hours after speaking outside of the national
4:31 pm
institutes of health, pham traveled to the white house. there president obama embraced the young nurse thanking her for her service. although pham has recovered the latest american to contract ebola just beginning treatment in new york. and the concerns surrounding dr. craig spencer. >> experience for the general public are not necessary. if we look at the timeline, dr. craig, the return from sierra leon, he was self monitoring. the 23rd he had a temperature of 100.3. he reported it to doctors without borders and called the health department. it is the days in between that he was out in the city, this has some people concerned. but we need to remember that he was not contagious at this time. >> there is no cause for alarm. >> the mayor of new york city
4:32 pm
reiterating today that every day new yorkers should not be overconcerned about ebola. ebola patient, dr. craig spencer, took the subway, went bowling, running, and stopped at a few restaurants days before getting sick. but you cannot get ebola from someone without symptoms. and not have casual contact. >> in order to have not been exposed to an infected person's bodily fluids are not at risk. >> the mayor and health experts also say training paid off. protocol was followed. >> what took place yesterday is exactly what you want to see. where a patient self-identifies. they contact the health department. the emergency medical team, paramedics come with full hazmat gear and get him in isolation. >> the soccer player originally from sierra leon kicked off an he have forward to help, kick
4:33 pm
ebola in the butt. >> three simple rules in the challenge. bend over, protect your head and be sure to use a softball. >> and the partner, the doctor from temperature university hits the target, you donate $100 to doctors without borders. if he or she misses they donate. >> it is just i want to see my people in sierra leone have a chance. >> and survivor trying to alleviate concerns they get it from being near very, very sick people. and talking about dr. spencer being out before he had significant symptoms, that he was not contagious. >> good to know.
4:34 pm
a special section set up on the website with the latest developments on ebola. there you will find a helpful guide on fact versus fiction, an answer to how the virus really spreads. it is available to view on your tablet or computer at a man convicted of playing a role in the death of a south jersey police officer waiting to hear his fate right now. timothy seidel slammed into the patrol contractor in 2012. reeves died and another injured in the crash. and they are deciding his sentence on charges ever aggravated manslaughter and fault. seidel faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars. investigators still trying to figure out the cause of this fast-moving fire in camden last night. viewer video at the unit block of north 25th street where the fire broke out after 10:30. although the flames started in a vacant building they quickly spread to occupied homes nearby.
4:35 pm
the red cross is now helping 11 people. no one though was hurt. another important phase of center city dilworth park open to the public today. the albert m. greenfield lawn with extra walkways, places to relax and read and entrances to the subway. the lawn will also serve as the stage for various events throughout the year. with today's opening, nearly all of the main attractions of the new park are complete. well villanova university with a brand new place to train the next generation of journalists. the state of the art studio complex capable of live broadcast and video production. the grand opening this morning included the discussion about industry trends and the panel featured the woman sitting next to me right now, my good friend, alicia vitarelli. a proud member.
4:36 pm
going back to campus. >> yes, it felt like just yet. and i tell you the school looks amazing. such a gem. >> it is great to have that in the area, and we're lucky to have her. that's right. >> and great weather as well. a look outside now at the philadelphia international airport, a few clouds upstairs on sky 6. 69 warm degrees with the wind out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour and pressure 29.80. and looking beautiful in cape may. look at the blue sky and the sun glowing on the sand. 65 degrees with the westerly wind gusting at times to 20 miles an hour there is no sea breeze at the shore. if you are heading out this evening on a friday, 63 degrees at 7:00. 61 at 8:00. and dropping into the upper 50s later tonight going to the high school football games. bring a jacket it will get cool when the sunsets. talking about a spectacular weekend and warming it up next week before we cool it down in
4:37 pm
time for halloween. it up next >> great night nor friday night football. students at the renaissance school in phoenixville treated to the sound of a mariachi band today. ♪ >> don't you love the mariachi band? the children spent the day learning about and celebrating spanish culture. part of national hispanic heritage month. they worked hard for their snack breaking open the pinatas. the chef owner moving to be the first certified neopolitan pizzeria. >> one side labor ii with the menu inspired by italy region.
4:38 pm
and the other side, the newest venture with food from all across southern italy. with a focus on southern coastal cuisine, fish, homemade patsas. >> it is all a natural process. >> he learns to cure things in italy. and when it came time to open the restaurant he went back to study getting certified in the ancient art of making authentic, neopolitan pizza. the dough made with special flour and tossed by hand. and fresh mozzarella and cooked in a brick often. >> how hot in there?
4:39 pm
>> well over 1,000. >> now that he is certified, he will have italian investors making sure that they use the standards for making true pizza. >> feels like you are sitting in naples. >> and the name comes from a female warrior fighting against the unification of italy in the late 1860s. it is based on food from southern italy. did you see me making the pizza there? >> it looked present good. >> and joe went to interestly, a pizza university. and from comic books to whom -- halloween treats. a lot for nothing. and is there accompanied of conduct for trick-or-treating. why she says her neighborhood should not be treated like a candy charity. you may not be able to teach
4:40 pm
an old dog new tricks but can to sit behind a portrait. animals and their moment in the sun. and adam back with the full accuweather forecast when "action news at 4:00" continues on a friday afternoon. i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers.
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and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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>> well you have got to see this. suspected purse snatcher in chile picking the wrong place to strike. check out what happened as the thief tried but failed to steal the purse of the woman in the front seat of the bus. he turns towards the door, the driver shuts. and the driver pulls out a baseball bat, gives the guy a few good walks. by the eighth hit we are told, you can see the thief was in tears. he likely shed a few more when the bus driver drove him straight to the police station to hand him over to the cops. at the big board with big talkers, one week until halloween and be honest, have
4:43 pm
you ever done to a big house hoping to get a full-size candy bar for halloween? there is a debate, should kids have to stay in their own neighborhoods? and a writer going for halloween for 99% wrote a skathing note to an advice column saying he or she lives in one of the wealthiest neighbors in the country and doesn't feel it is appropriate to provide halloween candy for kids brought there to trick-or-treat. writing, halloween isn't a social service or charity in which i have to buy candy for less-fortunate children. they go on to say that obviously this makes me feel like a terrible person, but this person has a problem with halloween becoming what they call a "free-for-all." what do you think about all this? big conversation going on on my facebook page right now. get this -- this is a yearbook photos from broken bow
4:44 pm
in nebraska. firearms of all shapes and sizes allowed. you can poses with your weapon of the choice, but only if it is tasteful. this may have you scratching its head but it is a rural community of 3500 people. for people like this teenage girl, opportunitiesing, skeet and trap are popular and normal. and the school defends football players pose with footballs, dancers with tutus and hunters with guns. guns not allowed on school grounds, so the pictures were taken off-site. and when growing old means growing more distinguished, even like this guy here. ka -- a canadian photographer photographed these dogs, this old faithful. hazel here, a beautiful, tough old gal even after losing both
4:45 pm
eyes in a puppy bill. and this 12-year-old no mrong are chases squirrels, but he can sniff out a pizza crust at 20 feet. this cutie looking less than thrilled. and finnigan, 12.5. other than losing the two teeth in front he is said to be in great health for an old guy. so these old faithful little pups. they just look better every year. >> still cute and are all available right now at alicia, thank you. and another clerk on the roads right now, friday evening. matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. hi there, matt. >> speaking of getting old, the delays on 95 are getting old and don't have a lot of redeeming factors. certainly not beautiful. live in delaware county down right ruff on this friday afternoon and harvey road in delaware to highland avenue up to the blue route 476. the good news, the crash in the
4:46 pm
northbound lanes approaching the blue route now gone. the lanes reopen. the travel time 33 minutes. and that is 95 in delco. traveling a little bit and doing ok, then not. hitting the brakes from penns landing through girard up to cottman. a little bit of good influences, the disabled vehicle causing the extra heavy jam is gone. the travel time almost an hour is four times what it ideally should be in the northbound lanes of 95. southbound approving broad street the crash luckily off to the side. the road collapse in upper merion, and hearing through at least monday. and brandywine, chester county, a crash. and the frankfort lanes
4:47 pm
problems. checking that again in the half-hour. >> thank you very much. a driver tries to leave without paying and it cost him thousands. and he dropped off a participating before guns his engine and crashing through the gate. and for some reason the driver decided to go back, puts it in reverse and slams into the gate again. not done yet friend. hitting his friend in the process. not enough, he takes one more go at the fence and winds up flipping the car all together. the damage to both the gate and car thought to be more than
4:49 pm
>> all right. it's friday, you made it through the weekend.
4:50 pm
meteorology lift adam joseph here to tell us that it's going to be a pretty good one. >> a great weekend start to finish. a little windy at times but the sun is going to be out there and it will make us smile. as we look at the sunshine earlier on the action cam at the fairmount water park, some of the cirrus clouds about 20,000 feet up, they look like tails sometimes of a horse. all ice crystals up there and not harming us today whatsoever. looking at the "action news" live line-up, double scan radar comes first. the warm temperatures compared to yesterday and looking at satellite and radar. and double scan raid or on the job and nothing going on present with the radar sweep. the numbers, 15 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time in trenton. 14 degrees warmer in allentown. 9 degrees warmer in wilmington. in the poconos, we jumped 16 degrees in the last 24 hours. we're on the verge 70 in philadelphia. close to that in allentown,
4:51 pm
trenton and reading. poconos nice at 60 degrees. a westerly wind, sea isle city 65. the low spins south of halifax, nova scotia and it departs to the atlantic, and high clouds south and west, but overall no precipitation in the lower 48. it's going to remain quiet the next at least four to five days. as we look at tomorrow, the cold front approaches late in the day. lots of sunshine prior to it. it stays warm and breezy at 68 degrees. the front slides through dry on saturday night but that will open the floodgates for the wind tunnel effect on sunday with the departing low with the front. and approaching high. losing a couple of degrees the second half of the weekend and speeds surpassing 25 miles per hour. sunday afternoon on futuretracker at 4:00, 31-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. 31 in millville.
4:52 pm
32 atlantic city. this is a weekend to rake the lawn, you have got an excuse. you can't do it because it will not cooperate sunday afternoon. maybe do it on saturday. mostly clear tonight, winds relaxed, 39 to 46 for the overnight low. the dayplanner for your saturday, wall-to-wall sunshine the most part. maybe a couple of clouds. 65 at 1:00 and topping into the upper 60s by the afternoon. the exculusive accuweather forecast, the winds pick up the second half of the weekend but still brilliantly sunny. seasonable monday and a nice start to the next week at 64. and then we jump to the 70s here on tuesday with some increased cloud cover and maybe a few showers wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening. nothing heavy with the next front warm at 74. cooler thursday and right now looks partly sunny on halloween. and perfect temperature-wise around 65 degrees. but then by next saturday we could see highs in the 40s.
4:53 pm
a big change coming in. >> nice halloween.
4:55 pm
>> it is "freebie friday." we start with some fun halloween deals starting with this -- stop by any build-a-bear store today through halloween and get a free treat, no purchase necessary. participating comic bookstores doing something fun tomorrow, celebrating halloween with a free comicfest. get a free comic at participating stores. again that's happening tomorrow. so many trick-or-treat deals going on. tomorrow 12:00 to 3:00 the trick-or-treat trail, decorate a bag and do trick-or-treating and spooky mini golf. and rittenhouse row with the
4:56 pm
annual celebration, but tough have a costume to go to that stunned 1:00 onto 4:00, halloween parade. and valuemag offering special. and so many freebies we can't get to all of them on the show. go to right now and we will tell you about more free halloween parties and celebrations and a free lug -- lullaby album for the little one. and what you can thank me for later, the ice dispenser in your freezer can also dispense candy. you're welcome. how derek repurpose said his freezer to dispense not ice but delicious frozen candy. uploading the video after being inundated about questions about how he did it.
4:57 pm
easy, he filled the ice bucket with small candy and frozen starbursts. kids, you be sure to ask your parents before you try this. >> what happens when you need ice? you go to the candy jar? >> then your water tastes like candy. that will do it for "action news at 4:00." i'm brian taff. join me with shirleen, adam and ducis rodgers every night at 10:00 on this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard.
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aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jamie apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we begin with breaking news out of washington state where a school shooting left two students dead and four injured. >> it happened just a few hours ago in the cafeteria of a high school about 30 miles north of seattle, washington. "action news" reporter chad pradelli joins us live now from the satellite center with the very later. chad? >> another tragic school shooting and a number of fatalities could rise. three students remain in critical condition.
5:00 pm
another in serious condition. the shooting happened this morning inside of marysville-pilchuck high school in marysville, north of seattle. it happened inside of the cafeteria. eyewitnesses say blood was everywhere. the gunman reportedly walked up to a cafeteria table and opened fire. he then fled the school. fired more shots outside and then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. choppers hovered above as students fled the school. police secured the perimeter and worked to clear the school. >> i have two children, a son and a daughter. my son had actually called me right after it happened. he's like dad, please come get me, please come get me. >> we are confident there was only one shooter and the shooter is deceased. but we do need to clear each building and make sure that's the case. >> the federal authorities will assist in the investigation. so far the investigators say it's too early to establish motive. after students left the school they were bussed to another location to be reunited with